By: itsjustnadia | August 04, 2015

I’m Nadia and I’m from London. Nothing special. Just plain old London where the weather is crappy and it rains… a lot. I’m just a young teenage girl and going through the roller coaster of life.

I like a lot of things. Like:

  • Youtubers
  • Boybands
  • Music
  • FOOD
  • Writing
  • Fangirling
  • Movies
  • Books
  • Sleep

Mainly food… y'know because who doesn’t like food?! And music is just a must in life. I guess you can say I’m another “typical teenager”?

Twitter is another must!! An app that I’m on all the time… literally. Its where you can get updated on what's going on and whose doing what and the daily gossip.

This blog is mainly going to be made up of random blogs, from reviews, music, poems, rants, advice and my personal experiences. This blog is mainly for teenagers for them to hear my opinions on what’s been going on and how it affects us. And hopefully, I’ll be able to give some people advice which will maybe help them or maybe make one or two of you guys laugh. It’ll be a mixture of serious, silly and random things. Things that I just want to talk about I guess.

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Posted on : August 05, 2015

You help a lot of people your a good person


Posted on : August 04, 2015

So far you have three keen fans who are going to be straight away updated with your blog every time you post something

Arifah aka ed sheerans secret lover

Posted on : August 04, 2015

Yo hope everything goes well and ignore afsana you are mine x


Posted on : August 04, 2015

Obviously YOU MY BAE so uno everything you do is perfect apart from when you eat cuz then your just fat


Posted on : August 04, 2015

I cant wait to read all the other blogs you post! This has really got me interested.


Posted on : August 04, 2015

Hey, I love your blog! I think its really cool for the first post and the unicorn is a great choice. You defiantly have a reader over here.

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