By: itsjustnadia | September 20, 2015

Recently, I have seen or heard a lot about Muslims and the religion Islam. It has all somehow degraded the religion and a person. I am a Muslim. A young Muslim girl who wears a hijab. It angers me to see how much hatred one person can have towards an entire religion because of what some people in the religion do. ALL Muslims are judged for the action of one Muslim. Some of the things disgust me, I honestly feel sick because of what people say.

However, I felt like something had to be said because of the day that passed, 9/11. Most people are remembering the Americans who were tragically affected by this horrific incident. [I pay my respects to everyone who lost someone on 9/11. May Allah be with every single person who has been affected by 9/11 and my prayers will always be with you. ] They are forgetting though, that Americans were not the only ones affected. 

On 9/11, 3000 people died. That day 1.57 billion Muslims were labelled terrorists.

Some people seem to forget that Muslims are human, just like everyone else. We have feelings, just like everyone else. We know what it’s like to suffer, just like everyone else. We are JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. Unfortunately, not everyone sees us this way. Muslims are ‘Terrorists’, ‘Thieves’ ‘All Muslims are trying to kill you’ ‘Criminals’.  I understand why people would fear some Muslims because of what SOME do and how wrong some of their actions are but just how non- Muslims find it wrong, us Muslims find it wrong too. People fear Muslims but we fear people who dislike our religion too. Racist and religious hate attacks had increased by almost 28% from last year from 9965 – 12, 749 reported. The number of crimes classified as “Islamophobic” increased by more than 47%. [http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/race-hate-attacks-on-the-rise-in-london-scotland-yard-figures-reveal-10360207.html]

Muslim women have been subjected to physical and verbal abuse by men. Women who were hijabs are attacked. What is their reason? What justifies this? No man should EVER raise their hands upon a woman. People say that in Islam women are ‘oppressed’ or ‘inferior’ but this is wrong. Islam allows women the right to an education, marry someone of their choice, to divorce, to work, to own and sell property, to seek protection, to vote and to take part in political engagement. We have our rights; people who don’t understand our religion are quick to judge.

I am just 14 years old and I have had hate thrown at me just for my religion, I have been called a terrorist and I have faced racist comments. And I know that this will always happen. People don’t like my religion but I don’t think they have a right to hate me. I have grown up in a society where people have given a name to hating Muslims… “Islamophobia” or being “Islamophobic” I find this the stupidest thing ever.  I can’t even explain. In every religion there is always a small group of people who are bad whether it’s Christianity, Judaism or Hinduism etc. It’s not only in Islam. There is always going to be bad people, but a whole race/religion can’t be blamed for that. Instead of listening to the media, it doesn’t hurt to find out the truth for yourself.  

This is guy was inspired by another video and decided to have this experiment and I think people should watch it. *SPOILER* I was literally in tears when they guy dropped his bags and hugged the guy. I loved it and it just has a really positive message. 

By no means to I mean to disrespect anyone because of my post, this is just my thoughts/opinions that I thought should be shared. 

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Posted on : November 08, 2017

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Nicholas Mansell

Posted on : March 15, 2017

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Posted on : September 27, 2015

This is one of the best posts ive ever read on this site! What you just said is all true and is how i feel to! This blog needs to be heard by other people. They dont know the good side of the muslims. All they do is turn to the mdia for advice and follow them. Keep it up! I cant wait for your next blog!! xx


Posted on : September 23, 2015

This is so true and i really hope people respect your opinion x

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