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I think that society has a massive impact on an individual. In our society there is a way that you should be and when people don't fit that 'criteria' you become an outcast. We see in magazines the slim models with the perfect hair, face and body and that is what some of us feel like we should be. When in reality there is no perfect person, a perfect image to someone may not be the perfect image to someone else because we’re all different. Media puts a huge amount of pressure on teenagers because it shows a way that you should be and makes young girls and boys feel like they have to be that certain way. Society is one huge mould, it tries to mould everyone to be the same and when we’re not that’s when the problem starts. People get bullied all the time. There are lots of reasons why someone could get picked on, for example if you’re different in any way from them… If you have a funky, outgoing dress sense that may seem weird to others but to you is what you feel comfortable with. Or they might be facing their own problems, which doesn’t give them a right to make someone else feel like crap but this doesn’t stop them, they just find someone to lash out at.

Nowadays, being good at school and getting top grades makes you a nerd, struggling in a class and getting the lowest grade makes you the dumbest out of everyone, dressing respectively makes you a prude, wearing clothes like short skirts and crop tops makes you a slut, being quiet makes you seem awkward and a loner. The list is endless. Schools are based on popularity groups, the amount of friends you have and how you dress and what you have is what seems to be important. School shouldn’t be this way. A school is meant to be a stable learning environment but sometimes people don’t reach their full potential because they are embarrassed in case they get the answer wrong or they don’t want to seem like a nerd. We are afraid of being judged.  

People will always judge you no matter what and you’ll judge people too… that’s okay. As long as you don’t say things that could or would hurt someone else. We are all are different, that’s the way we were made. We’re bound to have different opinions on each other and that’s cool, it’s how we express that opinion that can sometimes become the problem. You can never stop someone judging you, it just happens. But it shouldn’t matter; no one else’s opinion apart from yours should matter to you. And I know it’s easy to say and sometimes it does hurt but you can never stop people saying mean things, its life. It sucks, I know but unfortunately that’s just how things go. We shouldn’t let it affect us and personally I get it … it does hurt when you hear ugly, upsetting things being said to you. The only thing you can really do is ignore it, don’t give them the satisfaction and let them know you’re hurt. I know *eye roll* the ignore it card but that’s all we can do … well we could throw a few punches but hey peace.  And it shouldn’t hurt because if you are comfortable with your flaws then no one can make you feel bad about them. Every human being has flaws whether it’s small or big we all have them. But if you feel like for example, you’re overweight and know that maybe you need to lay off the junk then you do it. If you don’t like something about yourself then you have the power to change it. The important thing though is that you change yourself in a healthy way, if you’re trying to lose weight don’t starve yourself eat but maybe cut down on the portions? You can always get advice on these types of thing whether online or a real professional like your doctors.

At the end of the day, be who you want to be. Do what you want to do. Don’t let anyone stop you from achieving what you want to do! This is YOUR life so … it’s up to you to make a change. Write your own history.

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Posted on : September 06, 2015

Really enjoyed this post!


Posted on : August 05, 2015

This was an amazing post. People need to see this and carry on writing because your stuff is good!

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Posted on : August 05, 2015

You are truly inspiring, well done nadia x


Posted on : August 05, 2015

This is such an amazing post very accurate


Posted on : August 05, 2015

Wow... All of this is true

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